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Social Media Graduate

This position has been created to ensure that Clipper Logistics Plc are properly and fully represented and positioned on all internal and external social media. Fundamental to this is the drive to protect brand identity (both Clipper and our customer brands) and further Clipper’s position as an employer and supplier of choice.

In this role you are accountable for:

1. Maintaining, updating, designing new content for the Clipper Group Intranet, ensuing accessibility, wide-coverage and appropriate content is delivered to drive maximum usership and engagement across the business and at all levels.

2. Identifying new/additional functionality for the Intranet that ensure that it remains a relevant resource for employees and to reduce the administration burdens of a number of our people processes.

3. Develop intranet and social media brand guidelines that ensure consistency of style and approach both internally and externally, ensuring the protection of the Clipper and customer brands identities.

4. Act as “editor” for all content proposed for inclusion on the intranet, ensuring that all content is relevant, appropriate and falls within agreed content and brand guidelines.

5. Liaise continuously with local site management and key stakeholders to generate appropriate online content for the intranet, ensuring balance and representation.

6. Continuously promote and engage HR, site manager and other key stakeholder in the use of the intranet to drive usage and engagement.

7. Work closely with the Head of Recruitment to position all internal and external recruitment advertisement on either the Clipper Career’s page or on public online job boards reflect the Clipper brand, style and underpin our values and strategy.

8. Manage all social media content (in conjunction with our PR agencies) on Clipper-owned social media site, including, but not limited to: Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

9. Be continuously aware of the changing social media landscape, ensuring Clipper Logistics remains current and represented on new and emerging social media platforms.

10. Working with our PR and media agencies, ensure that the Clipper Brand remains relevant and appropriate and supports and underpins the Employer Value Proposition in the Market.

If you are interested in applying for this position please email a covering letter and your CV to

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