Transport Operations Director Shortlisted For Innovator Of The Year

Clipper Logistics is pleased to announce Transport Operations Director, Mick Doe, has been shortlisted for Innovator of the Year at the British Ex-Forces in Business Awards.

Mick is being recognised for his outstanding contribution to Clipper’s green vehicle strategy, as Clipper invested in 11 new vehicles and 16 trailers designed to reduce carbon emissions. Mick engineered the partnership with Northern Commercials and IVECO to find a vehicle model, whilst double-decker trailers were sourced through Don Bur and TIP. This collaborative partnership facilitated by Mick, ensured that new Clipper vehicles were quieter, cleaner and designed to use the largest trailers permitted on UK roads. The new LNG powered vehicles and trailers have seen a 30% increase in payload, and save an estimated 47 tonnes of CO2 per annum, resulting in a saving of over 500 tonnes of CO2. emissions per year.

Mick spent thirteen years in the Royal Navy, having joined in 1984 as a Junior Seamen Operator. He spent seven years at sea on Type 42 Destroyers, the HMS Edinburgh and HMS Liverpool before retraining as an Operator Maintainer and joining the HMS Southampton. In 1994, Mick attended a leadership training course at HMS Excellent, before joining a Type 23 Frigate as a Leading Operating Maintainer. He left the Royal Navy in 1997, with solid foundations and a skill set that enabled him to have a successful second career.

Mick Doe, Transport Operations Director at Clipper Logistics says: “I am delighted to be shortlisted for innovator of the year. My time in the Royal Navy and the skills I learned on my leadership course have formed the solid foundations of a skill set that has enabled me to build teams, trust and collectively deliver beyond expectations. It was these skills that I utilised in the design, procurement and implementation of the LNG gas powered vehicles and long semi-trailer straight farmed double decks.”

The awards are to be held 8 May 2019 at the London Hilton on Park Lane.