Transforming lives with Transaid

In March, Clipper employees took part in the Transaid Cycle South Africa 2017 event. Transaid are an organisation founded by The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and Save the Children, which aims to transform lives through safe, sustainable and accessible transport.

Transaid run a number of events and challenges to help to raise money for their cause, bringing together fundraisers from across the logistics and transport sector. The 450 kilometre cycle was arranged to help fund life-changing transport programmes across Africa.

The 40 cyclists who participated raised a combined amount of £222,000 over their five-day journey. The money will contribute towards projects which help improve different aspects of transportation, including providing access to health services, linking rural communities and improving road safety.

David Frost, Head of Business Implementation at Clipper who took part in the bike ride said: “Partaking in this ride was an incredible opportunity. Many of us here take for granted easy access to transportation and what that enables us to do.”

“For those without access to safe and regular transportation, they can be deprived of services which could significantly improve their health, safety and livelihoods. Transport, and links to other towns and villages, could completely transform the lives of those that Transaid aim to help, and I was thrilled to be able to get involved and to help such a worthy cause.”

To watch the video of the Cycle South Africa 2017 event, click here.