Carl Muir

Carl Muir

Operations Director


Carl Muir, Operations Director

Carl joined Clipper in 2009, having previously worked as Operations Director for Stiller Warehousing, where his achievements included implemented Top Tier COMAH for the storage of chemicals and aerosols as well as ISO 14001.

Prior to this he spent 10 years working in food manufacturing, where his major focus was around process engineering. These skills have been put to good use at Clipper as he moved into high-volume fashion processing and pre-retailing for a global retailer, where he focused on process improvement strategies, creating efficiencies and cost savings.

As a Chartered Member of the Institute of Logistics, with a passion to deliver tailored supply chain solutions, Carl played a significant role in the design and implementation of the new Clipper Deconsolidation Supercentre at Wynyard Park.