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Return. Refurbish. Resell.

As one of the UK’s specialists in reverse logistics for electronics retailers and manufacturers, it’s Servicecare’s priority to get items back into the market, recovering maximum value. However, unlike other service providers who simply handle returns, should the product be damaged or faulty, Servicecare’s dedicated team of technicians repair and refurbish each item, then sell it on to consumers maximising the value for retailers via Clipper’s dedicated Genesis eBay store and via its sister company

With Servicecare, electronics retailers and manufacturers receive a seamless product returns solution that not only caters for the refurbishment and resale of damaged products, but also the safe storage and controlled disposal of waste material.

The four main components of Servicecare’s offering:

1. Servicecare’s Returns Management

This service is ideal for customers who wish to have a central returns solution in place for a large variety of electronic goods. As a hub for returns, everything can be processed in one place, and by cross-checking against predetermined criteria, such as completeness of goods, inbound damage, packaging conditions and warranty status, our team can determine what level of rework would result in the highest level of return.

2. Warranty Fulfilment

Servicecare offer a range of integrated services on behalf of leading manufacturers and retailers. This cost efficient solution to in-home requirements is all managed effectively from a central base. By offering warranty fulfilment inclusive of courier exchange, repair and telephone support, we provide our customers with a valuable, responsive solution.

3. WEEE Services

Servicecare possesses all of the necessary permits that allow for preparatory treatment of waste, secure storage of hazardous/non-hazardous waste, repair and refurbishment of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Servicecare provides the full solution to meet the requirements of the legislation, whilst also providing total traceability.

4. Asset Recovery

Servicecare recognise that many retail business models utilise a Bought-Out Guarantee (BOG) and/or a No Returns Agreement (NRA). To help support this process we can refurbish tech products and consumer electronics to ‘as new’ or ‘graded’ standard. By doing so, we can guarantee a quick return to saleable condition, enabling customers to decrease capital in stock by reducing the turnaround. To allow us to maximise the value of these refurbished products without any additional logistics and warehousing costs, we can sell direct to the consumer via an excellent and extensive range of resale options. These include the customer’s own channels, customer-branded white label eBay stores, and our own branded online store –

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