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Contract Packaging

Streamline one of your most costly and time-consuming processes to keep your business ahead of the retail curve.

The rate of change within multichannel retail is phenomenal. To succeed, brands need the right knowledge, expertise and partners to keep ahead of the curve. Clipper Contract Packaging is designed to help you achieve exactly that by streamlining one of the most potentially costly and time-consuming processes in retail.

Cut costs, save time and enhance productivity
Supported by a highly skilled workforce and up-to-date machinery, Clipper has the experience and infrastructure you need for seamless contract packaging – however unusual your requirements.


Contract Packaging capabilities


Our over-wrapping service is capable of the collation and wrapping of numerous single packs, using clear or printed film. The service also offers print registration and tear tape facilities, as well as envelope fold sealing.

Machine labelling

Our machine labelling capabilities are delivered through a twin-headed system, processing and implementing up to two labels per pass.

Flow wrapping

Clipper Contract Packaging provides high-speed wrapping, in plain or printed film, and is suitable for multiple sizes or multipacks. Information flyers can also be inserted during processing.

Hand labelling

Our highly skilled and efficient workforce can handle all of your labelling requirements, in particular those involving non-standard packs. Hand labelling is suitable for a range of products, from confectionary and wine bottles, to tobacco and garden products, and everything in between.

Semi-automatic shrink wrapping

Using our medium capacity heat tunnel, the semi-automatic shrink wrapping process can handle a broad range of multipack sizes, and is suitable for confectionary, cigarettes, tobacco and general merchandise

Sleeve wrapping

We use variable strengths of poly-wrap alongside our heavy gauge wrapper to complete all sleeve-wrapping jobs, however complicated. The process is suitable for multipacks of boxes, jars and cans.

HMRC Approved Bonded Facility

The Clipper bonded warehouse facility enables us to rework products in a duty-suspended state – a valuable service for large retailers and tobacco companies.

Additional services


– Deletion or removal of original branding

– For multiple labels or black-outs per item

Re-boxing and sorting

– Changing original case quantities to smaller, larger or mixed quantities

– Suitable for any products

Ratio packing

– Suitable for shoes and clothing products

– Pre-picked store-ready formats

Material sourcing

– Having numerous contacts in the packaging materials industry means we can suit almost all packaging needs

QC checking

– For inbound products to ensure sustainability during rework

– For categorisation into rework streams

– For accuracy of carton quantity, box labelling, size markings to actuals, etc.

Machinery in use

– Over-wrapping multi-change machines

– Flow wrappers

– Automatic and manual-sealers’

– Heat tunnels

– Various labelling systems

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