Clicklink - Closed-loop 7day, Next Day, Delivery Network

Deliver customer order to store. The next day. Even when orders are placed the night before. Discover our agile, cost-effective sortation and delivery service.

Next level, next day delivery

Clicklink is an agile and cost-effective sortation and delivery service for a relentless retail world. It guarantees delivery of orders placed by 9pm to store, for customer collection before noon the next day.

Remember when customers walked into a store, bought what they wanted and took it home? It was a simpler, slower world. Your main priority was getting stock onto the shelves.

Now, it’s a different story. Next Day delivery is the norm. Customers demand service options on their terms. Online. In store. Same day. Next day. And always in pristine condition. No excuses.

Companies are increasingly torn between between replenishing stores or fulfilling their consumer promises. And third-party service providers have been quick to capitalise.

But they’re not always equipped to answer the challenge. The result? Customers feel let down. Brands are permanently tarnished.

The rise and rise of Click & Collect

In retail, convenience always trumps speed – and ‘where’ is as important as ‘when’. That’s why customers are turning to Click & Collect in their droves. In the last 12 months*, over half of UK adults used it and many retailers have started competing on delivery choices.

Cue Clicklink. Up and running in a
matter of days, Clicklink transforms your delivery capability and adapts to your evolving retail needs. It can also be integrated with Boomerang™, our powerful returns solution, to create a closed loop solution.

* Source: JDA & Centrino Customer Pulse Report UK 2016.
57% of retailers now offer Click & Collect**
78% of customers use Click & Collect because it’s free or cheaper than home delivery***
27% of customers choose Click & Collect because they’re rarely at home to receive deliveries***
** Source: IRUK Top 500 2017
*** Source: IMRG UK Consumer Home Delivery Review 2016

The confidence to deliver

This best-in-class service allows you to effortlessly offer Next Day delivery. Our front of house transactional PUDO and back of house WMS also means you can trust Clicklink to keep things running smoothly during peak retail moments throughout the year.

Reliable outbound tracking

Clicklink tracks outbound Next Day delivery parcels from receipt to store delivery (and back again via BoomerangTM). At the Clicklink hub, overhead sorter scanners and wrist devices track packages onto delivery vehicles. And at the end of the journey, handheld GPS terminals create a signed-for proof of delivery.

Improved online visibility

Our Clicklink web portal allows you to track every parcel and monitor every delivery against agreed SLAs – virtually in real-time. Plus, send customers information about delivery, possible delays and return payments by text. This intuitive portal can be uploaded to your website too, so customers can monitor their own parcels.

Safe, secure and speedy returns

All returned goods are scanned into secure cages, collected daily and tracked through the Clicklink network and BoomerangTM Returns Centre. In-demand items are quickly fast-tracked to re-pack fulfilment stations, before delivery next day, to your network or a Clicklink-managed Click & Collect network. This eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming stock movements and warehouse replenishment systems.

10 ways Clicklink boosts your business:

  1. Seamless integration and tracking
    Clicklink complements your legacy delivery services and provides end-to-end integration with full parcel tracking across every link of the supply chain.
  2. Next generation technology
    Clicklink uses the latest fully integrated online and in-store systems, to future-proof your services and protect your investment.
  3. Reliable Next Day delivery
    We guarantee noon delivery on all orders placed before 9pm the evening before, 7 days a week. So you consistently excel in the retail marketplace.
  4. Greater brand loyalty
    Clicklink’s efficiency and reliability ensures you keep your service promises.
  5. Built-in scalability
    Clicklink can scale up at a moment’s notice to safeguard your customer service levels and support your forecast growth curve.
  6. Guaranteed volumes
    Clicklink gives assured service level volumes for peace of mind, 365 days a year.
  7. De-risked supply chains
    Take control of every facet of your network to ensure supply chain integrity.
  8. Efficient store handling
    Clicklink provides secure caged deliveries for precision storage and best use of space.
  9. Proven cost-efficiency
    With minimum capital outlay, proven reliability and a rapid return on investment, Clicklink makes perfect business sense.
  10. Unrivalled returns integration and speed
    Clicklink integrates seamlessly with Boomerang™ to minimise working capital tied up in returning stock. Our closed-loop returns processing also delivers high visibility 
to ensure advanced stock control and rapid
return of delivery media.

Discover more about our returns solution, Boomerang™.

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