Contact SeeHearSpeakUp

If you are aware of any wrongdoing in your workplace please call SeeHearSpeakUp and report the matter on their confidential hotline number 00800 9687 4357

Alternatively confidentially provide information on their website at:

or by email:

Username: Clipper

Password: Logistics

About SeeHearSpeakUp

SeeHearSpeakUp is an independent external service that allows you to report your concerns in an anonymous manner. They are available 24/7, 365 days a year. This service is open to all employees and workers within Clipper Logistics Plc operations who wish to report any wrong-doing or concerns they have in the workplace. Every case is handled separately by trained and authorised senior HR Managers in Clipper who are required to report back through the helpline of their findings and outcomes. Every report is important to us and will be fully investigated.