You’re going places.

Clipper is a new breed of logistics company. We talk straight, lead from the front and set the standard. And we always, always deliver.

Everyone that works with and for us plays a vital part in our business, working towards our shared goals. That’s why we call ourselves Team Clipper. We’re known for our agility, ability and credibility and they run through everything we do

Our vision is underpinned by our values and a Competency Framework, followed by everyone, no matter their level or role. At the centre of our Competency Framework is a set of standards and behaviours that we all strive towards:

  • Innovation
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Customer Focus
  • Results Driven

Supporting our Competency Framework, we have a strong learning and development programme to develop our technical, supervisory, management and leadership skills. It’s designed to enhance career performance and drive continuous improvement through all parts of our business. And to check-in, every member of Team Clipper has the opportunity to explore how they are performing against these behavioral competencies through our Performance Development Review process with their line manager every six months.

So, wherever you want to go in your career, we hope you can achieve it with us. Our people are the most important part of our business, and that’s why we are committed to giving you excellent learning and development opportunities. It’s how we create our future leaders. Ready?

  1. Competencies

You make us who we are

Our vision is to be the UK’s leading Retail Logistics specialist.

To keep us on track, we have a Competency Framework at our core. We’re guided by our priorities, values and competencies. Here’s how you can play your part:

Our priorities guide how we make decisions and deliver for our customers:

  • Agility
  • Ability
  • Credibility

Our values act as our moral guide:

  • Expertise
  • Integrity
  • Responsive
  • Reliable

Our competencies shape how we behave. We demonstrate them every day:

  • Flexible
  • Customer-focused
  • Honest
  • Innovative
  • Decisive

Whether you’re a driver, a warehouse operative or a financial planner, a colleague or board member, our competencies show us what to expect from each other and what our customers expect from us. And to help you go far, we have a comprehensive learning and development programme, paired with Performance Development Reviews twice a year. Whatever your level, our competencies drive us forward and help us unite as one team – Team Clipper.