You’ll go far

This is just the beginning. As part of the team, your development is important to us. We’ll give you regular performance reviews to help you build on your existing skills and develop new ones too.

Management Ability Programme

Our Management Ability Programme is designed to help you develop the skills needed to become an emerging or agile leader.

The programme is made up of two levels: the essentials are the core skills that every manager must know in order to succeed, while the desirables modules help you shape your future development around you.

Emerging & Agile Leaders

Emerging leaders

Emerging leaders come from all corners of Team Clipper. Our 18-month Emerging Leaders programme is for First Line Managers who would like to develop their management and leadership skills.

To help you progress to the next level of management within the business, we bring talented managers together from across our hubs, to network and learn from recognised and accredited trainers. Whatever your area, from warehouse and transport to finance and IT, you will be fully supported with mentoring and coaching from senior managers.

At the end of the programme, you will gain an industry-recognised qualification in leadership and management from the Institute of Leadership and Management (Level 3).


Agile leaders

If you are already an experienced manager, our Agile Leaders programme will develop your leadership skills across Team Clipper to help you progress into a senior management role.

To hone your leadership skills, you will join other managers from the team on an 18-month programme and gain an industry-recognised qualification in leadership, accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (Level 5).

Technical Training & Apprenticeships: Operations & Health & Safety

At Team Clipper, our people are at the heart of everything we do. So we are committed to giving you excellent technical training and apprenticeship opportunities to create employees of the future.



Business Administrator Level 3

As a Business Administrator, your focus will be to add value to your role and Team Clipper by contributing to the efficiency of our organisation. You will work both independently and as part of a team, learning on-the-job how to implement, maintain and improve administrative services.

Over the course of 18-months, you will develop key skills and behaviours to support your progression towards management responsibilities. You will also enter into the world of resource planning and project management techniques which will set you up for life and help you progress your career prospects.

The programme covers everything from using IT systems to writing emails, creating proposals and producing spreadsheets, all while maintaining records and files. You will also learn how to build positive working relationships and develop strong written and verbal communication skills to aid your proactive approach to learning.


Supply Chain Warehouse Operative 

As a Supply Chain Warehouse Operative, you will cover the basics of warehouse practices and processes over a 12-month engaging programme, where no two days are the same. Activities can include anything from taking deliveries and dispatching items to packing, storing and moving stock, all while maintaining accurate stock records.

You will also learn how to use a variety of warehouse equipment, machinery and vehicles that are necessary for the role. From Mechanical Racking Systems to Material Handling Equipment such as forklifts and pallet trucks, you will be able to confidently use each piece of equipment and know their specific roles and settings.

At Clipper, we take health and safety very seriously. So we put in place warehouse practices, procedures and regulations to ensure the safety of our people. This involves learning how to drive and operate warehouse equipment safely as well as following the measures in place to ensure you work safely at heights.

Individuals in this role will also master the basics of industry recognised IT software and systems; from barcoding and data capture to radio and Warehousing Management Software. You will also learn how to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people, including colleagues, customers, third party carriers and other organisations. With your high-quality service and passion for exceeding customers’ expectations, this should encourage repeat business. 


Customer Service Practitioner Level 2 

Throughout this 12-month on-the-job programme, you will learn the basics of customer service practices and principles to deliver our high-quality products and services. You will engage with internal and external customers to understand their needs and ensure targets are met.

Through the use of customer service tools and resources, including those used to meet customer needs, you will also learn how to measure, monitor and evaluate customer service levels. By doing so, you will help us to exceed customer expectations while following our brand promise, core values, complaints procedures and internal policies; all of which you will gain an understanding of.

As a Customer Service Practitioner, communication is key. So you will learn about tone of voice, verbal and non-verbal communications as well as how to use positive and confident language when dealing with customers. You will also develop an understanding of conflict management and reinforcement techniques while building customer satisfaction, rapport and trust.


Customer Service Specialist Level 3

The primary purpose of a Customer Service Specialist is to provide professional and direct customer support. Throughout this 15-month, on-the-job programme, you will learn how to provide a positive customer experience; develop your written and verbal communication skills; discover how to handle customer complaints; and manage complex customer requests and queries calmly and efficiently.

You will also develop a deeper understanding of how customer service impacts Clipper’s reputation and analyse data that influences changes in consumer behaviour to continuously enhance our offering. As such, you will utilise organisational and generic IT systems to carry out your role with an awareness of other digital technologies.


Health & Safety

Safety, Health and Environment Technician, Level: 3 (Standard) 

Health and safety in the workplace is vital to ensure the welfare of employees and customers. And in the same way we protect our people, we must also protect our environment. That’s why our 18-month Safety, Health and Environment Technician (SHE) programme covers everything from statutory health and safety compliance and legislation to occupational health and hygiene, all of which are delivered on-site through formal workshops.

As a student, you will work both individually and as part of a team, honing and developing your skills which will be observed throughout the course of the programme.

The last 6-months of your apprenticeship will form a large part of your end-point-assessment as you work towards an individual project. This will support your growth as a SHE Technician so you can enhance operational activities and provide advice to others on how to work safely and responsibly.

Technical Training & Apprenticeships: Transport & Continuous Improvement

At Team Clipper, our people are at the heart of everything we do. So we are committed to giving you excellent technical training and apprenticeship opportunities to create employees of the future.



With the right drive and ambition, our in-house technical training programme, Revolve, will prepare you to become a confident and professional Clipper LGV driver in just 13 months.

The Revolve programme covers all aspects of LGV C licencing as well as how to be a drivers’ mate. You will also be trained in Driver First Assist; a scheme that provides complete knowledge of how to handle trauma in the event of a road traffic collision.

After successfully completing this programme, you will be awarded the following training and qualifications:

  • Category C (Rigid) driving licence OR Category C+E (Artic) driving licence
  • Initial Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC)
  • Maths and English Level 1 AND/OR Level 2 Functional Skills
  • A 10-year DCPC qualification, including Driver First Assist, basic vehicle maintenance and more.



Business Improvement Techniques Level 2

Improving business performance is vital for any business. And at Clipper, we’re no different. Its why our Level 2 certification provides students with the skills, knowledge and understanding of business improvement techniques needed to plan and execute business processes as efficiently as possible.

You will learn how to identify, minimise and dispose of waste in line with the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) through Kaizen tools. In turn, you will develop your problem-solving tools and techniques, helping to improve Lean Process. You will also be required to carry out quality checks throughout the process and highlight any defects or concerns in line with relevant quality standards.

While preparing, controlling and contributing to Standard Operating Procedures, you will need to adhere to specific safe working policies and procedures; from wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment to safely resetting the machinery and maintaining an organised work area using the 5s’. Each of these safety requirements will ensure you can learn and develop your skills in a safe and welcoming environment.

Technical Training & Apprenticeships: HR & Finance

At Team Clipper, our people are at the heart of everything we do. So we are committed to giving you excellent technical training and apprenticeship opportunities to create employees of the future.



HR Support Assistant Apprenticeship Level 3

The role of HR is an important aspect of any organisation to keep up with the changing times and support business growth. And at Clipper, we’re no different. It’s why our programme is designed to help you further develop and showcase your capabilities of a HR professional, adding value to your role and Team Clipper.

Through a fully supported, self-directed learning programme, you will complete a number of online modules and apply your learning in your own context at Clipper. From gaining a better understanding of conflict resolution to analysing and interpret business trends, you will learn how to overcome the inevitable stumbling blocks every organisation face.

Having developed the skills, knowledge, and behaviour associated with your role, you will also learn how to create meaningful personal development plans to maximise your career prospects and aid your growth.


HR Consultant / Partner Apprenticeship Level 3

As a HR Consultant / Partner apprentice, you will focus on further developing the skills, knowledge and behaviour associated with your role. Through online learning modules and live online classroom sessions, you will gain a full understanding of the job market; learn how to use data to measure business performance; and present cost-benefit and resource analysis data to different stakeholders. All while examining the different ways of delivering HR objectives and exploring the developments in the management of employment relationships.

You will also develop a deeper understanding of employment law, from learning about social justice in the workplace to managing disciplinary hearings and constructive dismissal. In relation to resource and talent planning, you will gain a full understanding of the recruitment and selection process as well as employee retention plans and reward strategies. Not only will this help add value to your role, but also to every other stakeholder at Clipper.

In addition to the above learnings, you will be required to choose one area of specialism in which to base a project on during your End Point Assessment. These specialisms include:

  • Core HR
  • Resourcing
  • Total Reward
  • Organisation Development
  • HR Operations

You will finalise your decision with your line manager or Clipper mentor and your trainer.



Accounts / Finance Assistant Apprenticeship Level 2 

Having an effective account and finance team is an integral part of maintaining an efficient and profitable business. Throughout this level 2 apprenticeship, you will be responsible for assisting a team of accountants who will provide you with junior accounting duties that will help you learn and develop on-the-job. 

An Accounts/Finance Assistant apprentice can also work towards an AAT Qualification.


Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship Level 3

As an Assistant Accountants apprentice, you will work towards providing support to internal and external customers of an organisation. Assistant Accountants work within the finance function of a business.

An Assistant Accountant apprentice will work towards an AAT Qualification.


Accounting and Taxation Professional Apprenticeship Level 7

Accountancy and Taxation professionals are recognised around the world as leaders in accountancy, taxation, finance and business. This role ensures the financial health of a business, and as an apprentice, you will work towards providing financial information and advice to organisations of all sizes.

Upon completion of this apprenticeship, you will receive a CIMA or ACA qualification.

Degrees – Undergraduate and Masters

To develop our managers and leaders of the future, we run a range of early talent schemes:


We have partnered with Sheffield Hallam University, one of the leading higher degree apprenticeship providers in the country, to create our fully funded, industry-leading Degree Apprenticeship in BA (Hons) Professional Practice in Supply Chain.

The scheme helps us give our early talent real business experience while learning hands-on in the workplace. Over three-and-a-half years, you will learn the fundamentals of day-to-day activity in your designated skill area and receive monthly reviews to progress you further.

You will be a fully immersed member of the team and gain first-hand experience at every step.

Year 1

In your first year, you’ll get to grips with how Team Clipper operates, moving between teams to see the whole picture for yourself.

Year 2

In year two, you will take your first steps on the management ladder, operating as a Champion with real responsibilities.

Year 3

In your third year, you will step up to become a Team Leader responsible for your own team while completing your degree.


Our graduate roles offer you support and development to progress in Team Clipper. Our Clipper Graduate programme will develop your technical and leadership capability. In a range of areas, including business, operations, finance and IT, you will be immersed in day-to-day activities from day one.

Supported by a personal mentor, you’ll also have the chance to gain in-depth leadership and management knowledge. And after six months, you’ll be enrolled on the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) Level 3 programme.


To keep you progressing, we offer sponsorship to complete either the MBA or MA in Leadership Practice at Sheffield Hallam University.