Future Forum

Our series of Future Forum events brings together leaders from the world of retail and logistics to discuss the big issues impacting on the industry in the current climate.

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Future Forum: Retail-focused Click & Collect

Click & Collect is now a recognised customer delivery proposition and for many retailers it is the largest route to the customer. Solutions are needed that offer retail focus and not carrier solutions better suited to home delivery.

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Future Forum: Returns on returns

The third Future Forum event examined how retailers can reverse the issues of return processing management to gain a powerful competitive advantage.

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Future Forum: Port Deconsolidation – What are the benefits?

Retail supply chains are in a state of flux. Factors such as failing to accurately forecast rising transportation costs, shipping product from Asia to UK distribution centres, and maintaining separate, dedicated in-store and direct-to-consumer channels are all having a direct impact on profit margins.

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Future Forum: Death of the High Street?

Over the past decade there’s been a tremendous shift from traditional retail channels to multichannel retailing. The rise of the internet, sophisticated smart phone technology and social networking sites have changed the face of retail – and consumer buying habits – forever.

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