New Report Published On Driving Efficiency In Global Supply Chains And The Value Of Uk Port Deconsolidation

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New Report Published On Driving Efficiency In Global Supply Chains And The Value Of Uk Port Deconsolidation

Insights gleaned from leading figures in the world of supply chain management have been published in a new report highlighting the advantages of port deconsolidation solutions for retailers.

The report follows a Future Forum event hosted by leading high value and retail logistics specialist, Clipper held in Leeds, which included presentations by Tony Mannix from Clipper, Ian Stansfield, distribution director at Asda, Geoff Lippitt from PD Ports and Clyde Buntrock from Allport Supply Chain Solutions.

Clipper managing director Tony Mannix said: “The Future Forum initiative aims to both enlighten and engage senior professionals from the world of retail, with stimulating debate focusing on the challenges, risks and opportunities presented by industry developments and innovations.

“Our first event, which focused on multichannel retailing, was extremely well received and our follow-up event held in April 2012 was designed to show retailers how to take costs out of their global supply chain, by sharing the experiences and expertise of organisations already creating significant cost and efficiency savings for retailers large and small.”

The report, a summary and overview of the event’s discussions, focuses on how important it is for retailers to be able to react quickly to markets, the increasing trend for global sourcing and the need to manage end-to-end supply chains efficiently.

“Faced with intense competition, squeezed profits and pressure to cut cost, retailers are looking for new ways to improve the efficiency of their supply chain. The Future Forum report highlights Port Deconsolidation as one solution which allows retailers to meet the substantial challenges posed by long supply chains and customer demand velocity,” said Tony Mannix.

Allport’s Clyde Buntrock shared his expertise in international supply chain management, offering insights and advice on how retailers can use their international supply chains as a competitive advantage. He advocated a true end-to-end view of the supply chain and highlighted organisational design as the biggest barrier to its effective management.

Geoff Lippitt highlighted how PD Ports, a multi-award winning ports and logistics business, operates as part of the supply chain, and not as a landlord, and described how portcentric logistics solutions are making a difference to businesses now. He revealed how the cost saving is created in the supply chain by Port Deconsolidation through efficiency, flexibility, and environmental benefits.

With responsibility for operations in food, general merchandising, George clothing, Asda Direct and reverse logistics, Ian Stansfield described how Port Deconsolidation is playing an important role in the development of Asda’s supply chain solution. The experiences of this high volume, successful retailer offered a very valuable case study.

Clipper’s Tony Mannix provided an overview of Clipper’s Wynyard Park Supercentre, in close proximity to Teesport, describing the benefits of the location and the opportunity coming later this year for other retailers to share in a Port Deconsolidation solution that is delivering added-value for Asda/George. This is Clipper’s latest development in support of its retail customer base. The partnership with Asda/George has made the £40m project a viable reality, and now Clipper is able to offer ‘shared use’ solutions to other customers at the site.

Please click on the below link to download your copy of the brochure today.

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