Major Long Term Contract Renewal with New Look

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Major Long Term Contract Renewal with New Look

Clipper Logistics plc is pleased to announce that it has secured a significant extension to its contract with New Look.

New Look has been a customer of Clipper for 13 years, and the new agreement will see Clipper continue to provide store delivery and collection services, as well as a wide range of other services, through to July 2019.

In addition to being a market leader in the provision of e-fulfilment and associated services including returns management, Clipper is a leading provider of innovative warehousing and transport solutions to the retail sector.

Under the new agreement, Clipper will continue to deliver all retail products to stores, including boxed and hanging garments, to New Look’s 542 retail outlets. Deliveries will be made on a set weekly frequency per store, and Clipper will make almost 100,000 store deliveries each year. The Group uses a combination of day and night time deliveries to provide optimum service at minimum cost.

In addition to store delivery, Clipper will also handle all “click and collect” items to be delivered to store, an increasingly attractive service chosen by online shoppers.

Dan Monahan, Group Logistics Director of New Look, said: “For over 12 years Clipper has worked closely with the team at New Look to provide a class-leading service to our retail estate, identifying opportunities for cost minimisation whilst not compromising service levels. We look forward to working with the team at Clipper to continue to evolve the provision of services to our store network”.

Steve Parkin, Executive Chairman of Clipper said: “New Look has been a key client of ours for 13 years, and we are delighted that our relationship will continue into the future. It is our ability to think outside the box that makes Clipper the “go-to” provider of retail high street delivery solutions, including traditional store deliveries as well as click and collect and other value-added services”.

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