Get Your Copy Of The Supply Chain Management Report

A powerful insight into logistics today.

Download your copy of the Raconteur Supply Chain Management report, published in The Times on 24th June and also distributed through the networks of Logistics Manager online and the UKWA.

Written by industry renowned journalists Malory Davies, Nick Allen and Sarah Murray, the report focuses on strategies to mitigate risk and complexity in the supply chain. This includes sourcing, manufacturing, transporting and storing products in the most environmentally and cost-effective manner; sourcing and e-fulfilment; and creating and delivering value in the supply chain in this economic climate. As a leader in retail and high value logistics, Clipper was approached to share its expertise for the report, providing a customer case study, industry comment  and opinion from Tony Mannix for a round table feature.

We believe our ‘agility matched by ability’ approach offers customers the best possible service that’s tailored to their needs. To find out more about our insight-driven solutions, have a look at our feature article on page 15 of the report. By analysing our client’s needs and communicating openly with them, we were able to implement a bespoke solution that delivers.

If you’d like to discuss any of the issues raised in the report further, or want to know how Clipper can work with you to help weather these challenging times, please contact Tony Mannix, on 0113 204 2050 or email today.