Environmental Policy

Clipper Logistics Group recognises that every organisation has a responsibility to the environment and is committed to establishing environmental management as a corporate priority.

Working towards the principal of sustainable development our companies will endeavour to address their environmental impacts in the following ways:

  • Adhere to relevant legislation & regulations, work to pertinent and best codes of practice and regularly review for continual improvement.
  • Continue with our Carbon Management Project to reduce energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases from our warehouses, thus reducing our impact on climate change.
  • Investigate fuel use, route planning and best design of vehicles across the fleet and introduce a study into staff & business travel to become more efficient and minimise emissions reducing our impact on climate change.
  • Consider the best use of raw materials, using recycled / recyclable products where applicable.
  • Continue to minimise waste through compacting and material re-use and recycling.
  • Promote environmental awareness at all levels of the company and encourage appropriate actions by all staff.
  • Liaise with suppliers, customers and contractors to improve Environmental Management at all levels of the supply chain.