Clipper Logistics: Rethinking Retail

We’ll always remember 2020 as being the year that COVID-19 swept the world. The pandemic has changed the fabric of society, by forcing new behaviours on us all. And where behaviours change, businesses and public services have had to rapidly change too.

But the pandemic is not close to being over. Cases continue to rise, people are becoming increasingly frustrated, and the threat of a second wave is ever present. It’s now more than ever that we cannot take our eyes off the challenge, as the crisis continues to demand sacrifices from everyone, whilst our expectations of the future are being tested.

This paper looks back at the last few months, exploring the key areas where our sector has experienced the greatest challenges due to the impact of COVID-19, and the drivers and trends facing retailers under an evolving retail landscape. It considers independent research, and we have consulted with experts in the industry including retailers, industry bodies and the sector press.

In it, we reflect on the short-term impact of the pandemic on our sector, but we also envision a number of areas we believe will be the long-term legacy of COVID-19, factors that will change business models, drive innovation and change the way we continue to deliver value to the consumer and to shareholders.

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We've collaborated with experts from across the retail sector
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