Clipper boasts ECO credentials

Leading specialist in retail logistics, Clipper, has been recognised for its commitment to environmentally friendly operations. The company has been rewarded with a five star ECO rating from Gedling Borough Council in Nottinghamshire.

The scheme, designed to recognise environmentally friendly fleets, takes into account factors such as operational efficiency as well as reduction of vehicle emissions and fuel consumption. Clipper has received similar awards in the past from a number of regions across the UK, including Edinburgh, South Yorkshire and Mid-Devon.

As a business, Clipper is well known for a range of environmentally sustainable projects and initiatives. The company operates a network of consolidation centres, which make consolidated deliveries for multiple retailers in one journey. These operations support well known retail destinations, such as Regent Street and Meadowhall, by offering practical solutions to reduce congestion and environmental impact, which have received a number of environmental awards.

Richard Ball, Head of Transport at Clipper, said: “It’s good to be recognised for our efforts in this area. We’ve worked continually hard, alongside our suppliers, customers and local authorities to help minimise the environmental impact our business has. Sustainability is very important to Clipper and it’s always rewarding that our efforts are recognised in this way.”