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The Crown Estate


The West End of London is the best retail destination in the world, and as such it called for a logistics solution devised by experts in the retail sector. Clipper, the UK’s leading multichannel and retail logistics specialists, were appointed in 2008 by The Crown Estate to operate the Regent Street delivery consolidation scheme.


London’s West End is a very popular shopping area and is home to many household name brands. However, research revealed that 73% of consumers found the experience exhausting and overwhelming, while 63% complained of being jostled. A delivery solution was required that helped reduce traffic but drive footfall, and that would allow retail staff to return their focus to selling.


Clipper worked with retailers on Regent Street and in the West End to bring together deliveries despatched from a single consolidation centre. The centre brings together consumables from all suppliers to one easily accessible point outside the congestion charging zone, combining deliveries with other West End companies to streamline a previously complex and inefficient system into a simple and effective one. The system has reduced vehicle movements to participating stores by up to 85%.

Key Benefits

  • Deliveries when the store wants them
  • Less in-store storage required
  • Sales staff can focus on selling, instead of stock handling
  • Boosts companies’ low carbon credentials


With over 35 retailers already participating in the Clipper Regent Street Consolidation Centre scheme, here’s what the Regent Street Association has to say:

“Freight Consolidation is yet another innovative idea from The Crown Estate. It’s welcomed by the retailers as an inexpensive and efficient way of receiving regular deliveries to the store. It reduces the need to keep stock, enabling them to allocate more space to retail. The people who live, work and visit the area appreciate the reduction of traffic.”
Annie Walker, Regent Street Association

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