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New Look

The customer

Major high street fashion brand, New Look, has come a long way since opening its first store in Taunton in 1969. The retailer’s fashion empire has grown to over 1,000 stores worldwide, including locations in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Middle East, Singapore, Russia and Poland. Last year alone, over 355 million customers visited New Look, both online and through their stores.

The challenge

In October 2009, New Look undertook a major new store opening programme and approached us to support them in this. The activity involved receiving stock into the Clipper processing warehouse over a four day period from Monday to Thursday, and then dispatching to the new store on the Friday, ready for the opening the following week.

The services they drew on during this project included:


  • Un-box and hang all clothing
  • Arrange clothing in brand, style, colour and size
  • Create store sets for each style/colour (these were shop floor ready and have specific quantities of sizes)
  • Over bag remaining clothing into stockroom sets

Accessories, lingerie, and footwear

  • Un-box
  • Sort into departments
  • Re-box and label


  • Delivery vehicles were loaded in a specific manner according to the design of the new store to allow for easy unload and store merchandising


The volume of stock was dependent on the size of the new store, with an average of between 20,000 and 40,000 units. A flagship store build had a total of 91,000 units, which needed to be processed and dispatched within the same time constraints.

The solution

We put in place a new store opening process where all of the necessary pre-retail requirements are taken care of by Clipper over a 4-day period, prior to the products arriving at the store.

We introduced a number of initiatives to significantly improve operation and service to the stores. These include the ability to quality inspect/audit the products before sending to the store, re-labelling and size cubing, removing any over-allocated stock pre-delivery, and maintaining product in an over-bagged manner pre-opening to present the new store in a pristine state. All of these improvements help create a seamless store opening in a very timely manner.

From a New Look DC perspective the new store could start to receive pick allocations as soon as it was set up on the WMS – which meant that all processes could continue without the need to segregate new store merchandise.

In the period to May 2011, Clipper completed 37 new store builds and we continue to be New Look’s supplier for this service.

Pat Lee, New Look Group Operations Director, commented: “This solution is a tremendous benefit to the New Look business and has streamlined the complex process of new store openings – another good example of why we chose to work with Clipper.”

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