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  • Multichannel

    Getting businesses online and boosting their e-commerce capabilities.


  • Boomerang

    Perfecting returns management with our new multichannel logistics solutions.


  • Port

    Receiving your goods and feeding your logistics network however you want us to.


  • Retail

    Streamlining your supply chain to give you greater control.


  • Ingenious

    Managing every stage of your supply chain network, anywhere in the world.


  • UK & European

    Delivering to your customers wherever they are.


  • Warehousing

    Utilising our 47 sites and 10 million sq ft of warehousing space.


  • Specialist Fashion

    Going the extra mile to add value for our customers.



The customer

As one of the largest shopping centres in the UK, Meadowhall welcomes over 25 million customers every year. To achieve the best results, retailers must respond quickly to customer demand and ensure the shopping experience is as successful as possible, making Meadowhall the destination of choice.

The challenge

In today’s market, competition is fierce. Meadowhall’s retailers were under pressure to provide a greater volume of product, and with only limited on-site stockroom space and strict planning restrictions, acquiring additional floor space was impossible. The result was an increase in deliveries to the centre, but this caused greater traffic congestion and increased pollution levels.

The solution

In 2006, we were appointed by Meadowhall to run an off-site storage facility to handle inbound stock deliveries for numerous retailers. Instead of delivering direct to store, suppliers would now deliver all stock to a consolidation centre.

Our ‘can do’ attitude, coupled with a flexibility and commitment to making the consolidation centre a success, convinced Meadowhall’s management team that we were the right partner to drive the project forward. We became the primary logistics provider for Meadowhall, helping to streamline the delivery process and reduce the centre’s carbon footprint.

Under the new system we consolidate the required stock for each retailer and deliver it to Meadowhall at set times throughout the day, or as required. This gives retailers the flexibility they need and offers greater replenishment to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Meadowhall Consolidation Centre (MCC) is situated on the perimeter of the retail park, and provides 30,000 square feet of storage space. This award-winning facility has won acclaim from all sectors of the industry, including the European Supply Chain Excellence 2007 award.

The MCC’s capabilities are considerable and varied. They include, but are not limited to, pre-retail, cross-dock, storage, stock returns and inter-branch transfers. It’s open 7 days a week to reflect retailers’ needs, and with its own experienced on-site sales support team, it really is the ultimate end-to-end stock management solution.

The result

The MCC has proved a huge success in allowing many of Meadowhall’s retailers to reconfigure their stores and free up additional sales space. And with our on-demand replenishment service, they can hold entire stock ranges to better meet customer demand and generate greater revenues.

The in-store teams have benefited too. With all ‘back of house’ work now being carried out at the MCC prior to delivery, sales staff are able to concentrate on the core task of selling. Goods are held more securely than ever before, and the access to additional storage space, provided by the MCC, has allowed smaller retailers to take advantage of ordering in bulk.

But the greatest achievement has been the environmental impact of opting for a shared-user service. As well as significantly reducing pollution around the centre, we’re able to now sort all on-site packing waste ready for recycling, within the MCC.

It’s truly a 21st century solution that’s a winner for retailers and shoppers alike.

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