Institute of Transport Management (itm) Environmental Awards of Excellence

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Institute of Transport Management (itm) Environmental Awards of Excellence

Clipper Logistics Group has been awarded the Environmental Award of Excellence by the Institute of Transport Management (ITM). The ITM is keen to continue promoting the importance of environmental issues to businesses despite the economic downturn. By drawing attention to those companies who have restructured their activities in order to minimise environmental impact, the ITM hopes to encourage other businesses to follow suit.

The award recognises Clipper’s Carbon Reduction Project, a long-term programme of evaluation designed to address the environmental impact of its logistics services. The project reduces both energy consumption and carbon emissions from its warehouses, thus minimising the company’s carbon footprint. Clipper also has wide-ranging reuse and recycling initiatives in place to conserve raw materials and reduce waste, together with technological innovations that enhance efficiency.

These environmental precautions extend to Clipper’s fleet of vehicles, which are monitored for fuel use and routing. By stipulating Euro 5 engines in all of its new vehicles, and improving its fuel management systems, Clipper has been able to reduce its operational costs, as well as benefit air quality.

Tony Mannix, Managing Director of Clipper Logistics Group, said: “We take pride in striving to ensure that all of our operations are as energy efficient as possible and we go to great lengths to educate our staff on the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. It is fantastic that our efforts have been recognised and rewarded by such an important organisation.”

Philip Leung, Liaison Officer for the ITM Awards, commented: “Clipper Logistics Group has taken a proactive stance against climate change, developing policies and strategies which have been implemented across the network, without sacrificing commercial performance and customer satisfaction. The company is to be commended on its ethical approach and help as an example of what can be achieved with vision and hard work. Congratulations to Clipper on its success with the Institute’s Awards programme – it is very well deserved.”

Clipper’s commitment to environmental efficiency has also been acknowledged by the ECO Stars Fleet Recognition scheme, which was established by South Yorkshire’s Care4Air campaign earlier this year. Clipper has recently achieved a five star rating, the highest accreditation available through the scheme, which celebrates fleet efficiency and operational cleanliness.

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