Anti-Bribery Policy

Our code of conduct requires that our employees and others working on behalf of Clipper do not engage in bribery or corruption in any form. We therefore fully support the implementation of the Bribery Act and welcome the requirements it places on UK companies.

We are committed to preventing bribery and corruption in our business dealings. To that end our policy, overseen by the Company Secretary, sets out our standards. We also have effective strategies to communicate these standards to our workforce and partners via staff handbooks, induction training, contractor and sub-contractor rules, as well as ensuring potential customers are made aware of our standards in tender documents and presentations.

Clipper’s financial controls, auditing processes and other supplementary policies (eg Whistleblowing and Gifts & Entertainment Policies) support the above.

Should we detect breaches of our Anti-Bribery Policy, we investigate and take steps to eliminate these practices. Any employee found to have been engaged in bribery will be dismissed. Any person or organisation found to have engaged in bribery in relation to their dealings with Clipper will have their business relationship terminated.