Employee Engagement

People make Clipper tick. So we built a business around them. One that involves every single person, values individuality, reward achievements and welcomes feedback.

That’s why Clipper and the places where we work have a character all of their own.

To create a joined-up, ‘One Company’ identity across all 47 sites, we regularly invite members of the Clipper family to work together on projects, train together, and get to know each other, through inter-site competitions.

Here are just some of the other ways we keep our employees engaged and involved:

  1. Employee forums

These two-way discussions give nominated employees the opportunity to put their comments and questions forward, and help to keep every member of the Clipper team in the loop.

  1. Briefings

Team briefings help us to quickly cascade new ideas from managers to supervisors/team leaders, and then on to individual members of the team. Ad-hoc briefings also help to deliver a particular message to a specific area or team.

  1. Intranet

We regularly post company news, policies, health & safety updates, vacancies and general announcements on notice boards across our sites.

  1. Site safety teams

Safety is a priority at Clipper, so each site has a designated team tasked with ensuring that all our employees are aware of the risks and how to minimise them.

  1. Suggestion scheme

We make it easy for employees to provide feedback across our sites, and regularly ask for their input on new initiatives.

  1. Employee of the Month

As a special thank you to members who go the extra mile, this scheme allows each site to award a retail voucher each month

  1. Long Service Awards

We recognise loyalty through our long-service award certificates and vouchers, which are presented after 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service.

  1. Benefits booklet

Every new employee receives a Clipper benefits booklet. This entitles every person to competitive rates on hospital funds, child care vouchers and other exclusive discounts and offers.

  1. Customer discounts

Many of our customers offer Clipper staff one-off discount vouchers for use in their stores, and occasionally open up ‘end of line’ sales.

  1. Opportunity to volunteer

There are always opportunities for staff to volunteer for important internal positions, like being a first aider or fire marshal, or joining the Staff forum and Health and Safety Committee.

  1. Social & charity events

We often organise company-wide social and charity events that bring everyone together. Recent events include fun days, an outward-bound challenge and a dragon boat race. We also support a wide range of charities, and many sites organise social and charity events on a local level.

  1. Driver of the Year 

Every year, a group of Clipper employees are treated to a fun day out in which they face various driving challenges and tests – from navigating a tricky obstacle course, to keeping as much water in the bath as possible (which is loaded on the back of the truck!). And at the end of the day, our ‘Driver of the Year’ is crowned. It’s an innovative Driver training day, delivered in a fun way.