Our Services:

  • Multichannel

    Getting businesses online and boosting their e-commerce capabilities.


  • Boomerang

    Perfecting returns management with our new multichannel logistics solutions.


  • Port

    Receiving your goods and feeding your logistics network however you want us to.


  • Retail

    Streamlining your supply chain to give you greater control.


  • Ingenious

    Managing every stage of your supply chain network, anywhere in the world.


  • UK & European

    Delivering to your customers wherever they are.


  • Warehousing

    Utilising our 47 sites and 10 million sq ft of warehousing space.


  • Specialist Fashion

    Going the extra mile to add value for our customers.


Now is History

The speed of change is phenomenal. It’s as exciting as it is terrifying. It’s as if the whole world is racing towards the future without a plan – at a pace never seen before. Out there at the head of the pack is the world of retail. You and us. And somewhere behind us, choking in the dust, is the present. We passed it some time ago and barely noticed.

Fuelled by new technology, increasing customer sophistication and service expectation, rising mobile adoption, evershifting sales spikes, and the rapid growth of channels, the velocity is relentless. Where once we had weeks to respond to a challenge, now we have only hours. And where some retailers are actually making omnichannel pay, the rest are struggling with operational problems that are, in all likelihood, already extinct.

Our objective is simple: to keep you ahead of the retail curve. Clipper specialises in retail logistics. We are a market leader because we lead by example. We collaborate closely with our clients, continually rethinking what is possible. Our track record demonstrates in no uncertain terms that we believe in being agile; we believe in genuine innovation; and we believe in giving our customers the confidence to be the first to seize new opportunities.

We get our clients ready for the future before it happens. Our credentials are strong. We have been at the forefront of e-fulfilment for over 10 years; we created Boomerang™, our rapid and integrated returns management solution in 2013, further enhanced our electrical return capabilities in 2014, and developed a retail-focused Click & Collect solution in 2015. Our job is to solve problems before you know they exist.

Logistics is not a piece of the jigsaw; it is the jigsaw. Which is why your long-term success depends on taking a bolder, more innovative approach. It’s time to look for guidance and answers from an agile, multichannel logistics partner who can keep you ahead of the retail curve and help drive your performance.

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