The highest levels of security and detail.

High value means more than high security at Clipper. We take as much care of your goods as we do your reputation.

Our retail logistics team specialises in storing, handling and transporting high-value fashion, tobacco and luxury goods. That means unlimited access to a premium logistics network, which guarantees close attention to detail at every stage of the supply chain. Plus, state-of-the-art tracking systems that provide real-time monitoring. Our extensive high-value retail experience and network of HMRC-approved warehouses also guarantee stock integrity for imported and exported goods. Wherever your orders are going. Whatever the value. Relax. They are in the safe hands.

We’re experts in handling, storing and transporting the following high-value goods:

  1. Fashion
  2. Tobacco
  3. Luxury goods
  4. Alcohol
  5. Gift vouchers